Specialised Cleaning

Here at Spire Facilities we understand the importance of bringing your project in on time and achieving practical completion. With years of experience and trusted, knowledgeable site surveyors you can be assured that our team will be there to resource and run your build clean. Our specialised cleaning services are of the highest quality. 

Our operatives are CSCS card holders. We have qualified staff that hold IPAF and PASMA tickets so reaching every part of your build safely and using the right plant to achieve the final clean result.

So, if you are looking for an experienced, well renowned construction cleaning company please speak to us today and we can arrange a site survey. Find out below what specialised cleaning services we can offer you.

Void Property Cleaning

Empty residential and commercial properties are ideal opportunities for anti-social behaviour and vandalism to take place. 

When undesirable tenants or squatters are evicted from properties the premises are often left in an abandoned and uninhabitable state, typically leaving behind high quantities of damage and waste. 

It is not unlikely in these situations that a large amount of the waste left behind may be hazardous, including drug paraphernalia such as needles, syringes, and bodily fluid that can harbour infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV and which can be very difficult to dispose of. These situations can largely slow down the process of re-letting or selling the property.

When performing a clean up on a vacant property it is essential that the correct bio hazard cleaning and sharps removal equipment and clothing is used to ensure that the process is performed safely to minimise risk of exposure to infectious diseases. 

Spire Facilities accredited void property specialised cleaning service ensures a rapid response from trained professionals who complete a full hypodermic needle sweep to remove any harmful sharps to ensure the risk of infection is eliminated.

Pigeon Foul Removal

Bird droppings from pigeons, gulls and sparrows can result in permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment if it is not dealt with correctly. Areas such as roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems, and lofts provide birds with sheltered spots that are ideal for roosting and nesting. The birds then leave their bodily fluids in the building or area it has chosen to nest in.

Bird Faeces is very acidic, this can lead to corrosion of the surfaces it is present on, especially tar-based roofing materials, and paint finishes.

Ventilation systems are also vulnerable to damage from bird droppings as the ducts can become clogged which can result in expensive repairs.

Birds also introduce parasites, fleas and ticks into the environment around their nesting areas. This combined with the unpleasant odours that droppings from birds create presents a risk to human health.

The odour and contaminants can quickly be spread around the building through the ventilation system and inhaling the bacteria and funguses in bird faeces can compromise your immune system causing diseases, including: Cryptococcsis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis.

The safe removal of bird waste is not only vital to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building or surface it is present on, it also ensures human health issues are eliminated and the life of the surface is prolonged.

Builders/Sparkle Cleans

Building work such as new builds, renovations and repairs can generate large amounts of dust and debris which can leave the newly created or revamped premises looking untidy. Spire Facilities offers a thorough and comprehensive after builders cleaning service to eliminate this dust and debris both internally and externally, this ensure the premises is spotless and ready for use.

Spire Facilities provides a cost effective solution suited to your requirements. Whether you require a complete after builders clean of a flat, house, hotel, commercial unit, office block or retail shop Spire Facilities has the expertise and skills to ensure the premises is cleaned methodically and professionally to an extremely high standard.

Spire Facilities’s trained experts understand the associated health and safely implications of working on building sites and the dangers of potentially hazardous materials that are present.

Utilising advanced cleaning techniques and equipment Spire Facilities carefully plan and manage each builders clean to ensure high standards are achieved and agreed deadlines are met to ensure the premises is clean and tidy on time.

Available throughout the UK Spire Facilities after builders specialised cleaning service offers a planned or responsive service to your cleaning needs and ensures high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are attained

Needle Sweeps

Spire Facilities trained needle sweep and syringe removal teams understand the possible dangers dirty needles and syringes can pose and the importance of disposing of them safely and quickly. Experienced in examining large areas of waste and rubbish our specialist team conduct an extensive needle sweep guaranteeing all sharps are removed before fully decontaminating and cleaning the area ensuring all bio-hazardous contamination is eradicated.